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Wardrobe Edit Services that reflect your unique style and personality.

Wardrobe Edits are the first step to creating a full wardrobe that you love!


Before this session, I will have a great sense of who you are and what your needs, wants, and style is so that we can tailor your wardrobe in a way that is personalized to you!

Together we will work through your existing wardrobe to determine what works, what doesn't, and what items you may want to consider purchasing. 


Wardrobe Edits result in an organized closet, a wardrobe that consists of only those items that you love and feel great in, as well as a better understanding of what your personal style is and how to create outfits that work for you.


How Does it Work?

If you're feeling uninspired, bored or out of date with your clothes, a Wardrobe Edit will bring that breath of fresh air that you're looking for!


Before each Edit, clients complete the Getting To Know You questionnaire, which is a series of questions that helps me get to know you, your style, your lifestyle and what you're hoping to achieve with our time together. 


During a Wardrobe Edit, we go through your wardrobe and take a look at each item to ensure that it's something that you love and love to wear. If the item doesn't check all the boxes and helps you reach your style goals, there isn't a place for it in your closet! 

The purpose of Wardrobe Edits is to remove all the items that are creating "noise" or clutter. By removing these items, you are left with only those pieces that you feel both comfortable and confident in. We are creating a space that is positive, inspiring and uniquely you. It's a space that reflects your style and that works with your lifestyle, so that each morning when you get dressed, you know that no matter what you might grab, you're going to love it! 


For all of those items that don't stay, we determine if they're to be consigned, donated or recycled. And if you don't want to deal with those piles, I am able to remove them for you, so that all you have to deal with is how great your closet looks! 


During your Edit, you will be trying on some items and we'll chat about different ways to maximize some of your pieces. If there's something that you love but don't know how to wear it, we'll take a look at that as well to see if it's a functional piece. 


Everyone's closet is different, and while Wardrobe Edits typically take an hour and a half, yours may take slightly more or slightly less time. For those with a large collection, there is a three-hour session option with the potential to book a second session if necessary.

Wardrobe Edit Sessions are booked for up to 2 hours. $220

Unable to meet in person? A Virtual Wardrobe Edit may be perfect for you! Click the Contact button below for more details.

How to Work With Me
Styling Services


I did a wardrobe edit with Alayne and I really want to kick myself for not doing this sooner!! The effect the wardrobe edit had on me was HUGE! A weight was lifted off my shoulders, I no longer have anxiety staring at my closet and I feel like I finally found myself again.


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Update Your Closet

Knowing what looks good on you, why it looks good, and what you love is key to knowing what your personal style is. No matter what season of life you're in, you can & should enjoy personalized fashion with uncompromising function for your lifestyle.


When we work together, I'm committed to helping you discover and create an elevated wardrobe that is true to who you are, that helps you feel great and that works with your lifestyle.

Why do a wardrobe edit?

People do wardrobe edits for various reasons, as they offer several benefits in terms of organization, efficiency, and personal style. Here are some common reasons why individuals choose to do wardrobe edits: 1. Decluttering and organization: Over time, wardrobes can become cluttered with items that are no longer worn or needed. Wardrobe edits help individuals declutter their clothing collection, removing items that are outdated, ill-fitting, or no longer align with their personal style. By purging unnecessary items, individuals can create a more organized and functional wardrobe space. 2. Maximizing outfit options: A wardrobe edit allows individuals to assess their existing clothing and identify versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a wide range of outfits. By eliminating items that don't work well with other pieces or that no longer fit, individuals can focus on building a wardrobe of cohesive and versatile options, maximizing the number of outfit combinations available to them. 3.Identifying gaps and needs: Going through a wardrobe edit helps individuals identify any gaps in their clothing collection. They can identify specific items or styles that are missing and make targeted purchases to fill those gaps. This ensures that their wardrobe is well-rounded and meets their lifestyle and fashion requirements. 4. Defining personal style: A wardrobe edit provides an opportunity for individuals to refine and define their personal style. By evaluating their existing clothing, they can determine what truly reflects their preferences and aligns with their desired image. Removing items that no longer fit their style allows them to curate a wardrobe that truly represents who they are and how they want to present themselves. 5. Streamlining decision-making: A streamlined wardrobe makes it easier to get dressed each day. With fewer choices and a more curated collection of clothing, individuals can make quicker and more confident decisions about what to wear. This saves time and reduces decision fatigue, allowing individuals to start their day with less stress and more efficiency. 6. Creating a sustainable wardrobe: Wardrobe edits contribute to a more sustainable approach to fashion. By removing items that are no longer worn or loved, individuals reduce waste and extend the lifespan of their remaining clothing. They can also make more informed purchasing decisions, focusing on quality, longevity, and items that truly complement their wardrobe. 7. Rediscovering forgotten items: During a wardrobe edit, individuals often come across items that have been forgotten or neglected. It's an opportunity to rediscover and reintegrate those items into their rotation, giving them a fresh perspective and creating new outfit possibilities without needing to make additional purchases. Overall, wardrobe edits help individuals declutter, organize, and refine their clothing collection, leading to a more efficient, versatile, and personalized wardrobe. By purging unnecessary items and focusing on what truly reflects their style and needs, individuals can create a wardrobe that supports their lifestyle, enhances their personal style, and makes getting dressed a more enjoyable experience.

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