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Teacher Appreciation Gifts 2022

Another crazy year is about to wrap up, and I'm often left in complete admiration for our teachers and how they've not only pushed through another school year, but thrived through another school year. I have to say, our school staff is excellent and I feel so fortunate that my kids have an amazing group of adults that pour into their education and development, and that's why I like to get them a gift to show my appreciation.

Woman at a desk writing in a note pad for teachers

I want to say too, that I don't believe that gifts are a necessary thing to do. I've talked to many teachers about this, and some have even said that while gifts are definitely a kind gesture, they are not expected, and one teacher even said that gifts make her a bit uncomfortable.

I believe that the best gift you could give anyone is a handwritten card or note, expressing the gratitude you have for the person, and this can come from you and/or your child.

That being said, I am all about supporting local and Canadian companies, and based on some of my ideas and ideas you've shared with me (many from teachers), I've rounded up some of my favorites unique teacher gift ideas for 2022 (you won't find coffee/tea mugs on this list!) from some amazing local companies. If you want even more ideas, check out my list from last year- I've made sure to make each list unique.

A really handy tool that I've created are the two printouts that you'll find at the bottom of this page. One is to help you get to know your teacher(s) so that you can be sure to give a thoughtful, intentional gift that they'll love. The other is a fill-in-the-blank questionnaire about the teacher that your child can fill out and give to their teacher. All you have to do is download or save the forms and print!

A couple notes- You can visit any of these websites by clicking the company name or image and you'll be redirected to their website.

Everyone's budget is different, so I've made sure to include ideas that cover gifts from $11+

None of these posts are sponsored, just sharing some great companies & gift ideas, and some good ol' local love.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas 2022

My boys and I came across Meela's Mixes at a local market, and any time I find something that simplifies cooking, I am in! We bought the Snickerdoodle mix (my favorite cookie), and besides being easy to make, they were delicious! From cookies, brownies, breads, muffins, and soups (including gluten free options), you can find something your teacher will love- whether they have a sweet or savory tooth.

I also want to note that Meela's Mixes offers fundraising opportunities for schools and sports teams- much better than coupon books (in my opinion!).

meelas mixes jars a gift for teachers with a sweet tooth

Another favorite of ours is Jolie Pop! - gourmet truffle popcorn kits created by Calgary mom and Entrepreneur, Kelley Abbey. You can purchase the kit which includes everything you need to pop fresh gourmet popcorn at home, or you can get just the truffle seasoning, or pre-popped popcorn, or their latest kit which includes a custom Jolie Pop candle and the at-home kit. Why not add a little gift card for a movie, and call it a night?!

gourmet truffle popcorn jolie pop for teachers

Whether you are a born-and-raised Calgarian, or your fairly new to the city, chances are you've seen the beautiful restaurant nestled in the middle of Princes Island Park, River Cafe. But did you know that you can order picnic baskets, either premade or you can custom-select what's inside, and then enjoy your "delectable, locally sourced and handmade items, whether you want to graze or have a feast." Getting your teacher a River Cafe picnic gift card is not only unique, but it's a gift that they'll remember because you're giving them the gift of an experience.

Two women teachers having a picnic outside at river cafe

Kim has been curating the perfect gift boxes for 6+ years and she is a master at what she does! Creating a beautiful selection for women, men, on-brand corporate gifting, custom memory boxes, bridal...and everything in between, boxSMITH is a perfect option for beautiful and unique gifting.

Who didn't become a plant person the last few years? I said I would never have a plant in my home...we have 10. The key is that I need them to be easy to care for, or I need to know how to care for them properly. Anela is the owner of the Sunroom Plant Shop and she offers all kinds of beautiful plants and pots (and plant care, etc). Plus, if you have plants in your home that you don't know what to do with them, she does house visits (she brought my Fiddle Leaf Fig back to life! Miracle worker!). I love the idea of gifting a cute plant, and Anela has the best, most unique selection! One mom said you could add a tag, stick or card with the message "thanks for helping me grow". A perfect teacher gift!

a plant zz plant

I had a lot of feedback from teachers saying that they liked to receive bottles of wine. One teacher told me "Teachers love booze!"(lol) and another explained that this gives them a chance to likely try something they haven't had before.

*Now let's keep in mind that this isn't the gift for everyone, and may come with some sensitivities, so use the form that I created below to really get to know your teacher and see what they like.

When you know what type of drink they like, then you can head to Kensington Wine Market, either in store or online, and get something truly specific to the teacher. Whether it's a single bottle, a fun gift box, a gift card, or I love KWM's Gift Club monthly subscription ($25 per month for at least 3 months...enough time to get through the summer!). Lot's of options to choose from at Kensington Wine Market!

a picture of a building the Kensington wine market

If you want to see some local companies that make their own drinks, I outlined some amazing ones in my previous Teacher Gift Guide and you can take a look there.

Gift Cards

Another big win is a gift card to the teacher's favorite stores (again, you can use the printable form below to find out what your teacher's favorite shops are). A few teacher's even said that they love the opportunity to pamper themselves, because there often isn't time for this during the school year and a gift card gives a wonderful excuse to treat themselves. Shopping, a good book, home goods, movie theatre, gourmet food, charcuterie delivery, ice cream, or spa services...this is something that allows the teacher to select something that they love, but know that it's coming from you and your child. Doesn't get much better than that!

The best gifts are those that are given with thought and intention.
They don't have to cost a lot to be treasured for years to come!

thank you gifts for teachers


If you're not entirely sure what to get, send your child to class with this fun printout below and have the teacher or staff member return it. These answers should give you some clear direction on what they would love, and which stores/businesses to look at. Keep in mind that where they live could be a good indicator as to where you could look for gift cards or any service type of gift- it's nice to not have to travel a long distance to use a gift card.

a downloadable filloutable form for a teachers info

Another really fun thing to add to any gift is this form below. Taken from the idea that kids often do for Mother's Day or Father's Day, this fill in the blank form always guarantees a smile and a laugh. Save or download this form and print it off for your child to fill out.

form for kids to talk about their teacher



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