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Workshops are perfect for an fun girl's night out, bachelorette or birthday party, or for corporate team building & education as well. 

Style workshops are a great way to bring people together for a time of fun and learning.


Understanding that when you look good, you feel good, planning a Style Translated Workshop or Private Shopping Event will benefit everyone.

With the option to customize your event based on the group's wants and needs, this is a way to work with a Stylist in a group setting

You and your group will learn all about personal style and dressing for success, no matter what your day-to-day life includes.

Workshops are perfect for an fun girl's night out, bachelorette or birthday party, or for corporate team building & education as well.  


How Does it Work?

A style-focused workshop is a fun and informative event that teaches attendees the foundations and importance of honing in on your personal style and how to dress.

Style Translated Workshops can be customized to suit a group of friends or a corporate setting and acts as a crash course on how to put your best foot forward in a way that is personal, functional and comfortable. 

The standard Style Translated workshop takes place in one of our amazing local boutiques, and attendees are provided with a drink, a personal charcuterie box, and the Styled by Alayne Joy workbook. We begin by covering topics such as personal style, how to dress for your body, putting together outfits, and teaching you the foundations of style.


We also spend time one-on-one to ensure you find some new pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. This workshop will ensure that you never have a "nothing to wear" day ever again!  

Private Shopping Events are a fun and unique way to get your friends or colleagues together! Whether it's a girl's night, bachelorette party, team building, or to mark a birthday, this is a way for each person to have fun, get some great style tips & advice, and get some Personal Shopping one-on-one time. 

Private Shopping Events can be altered based on the group's wants and needs- together we will determine if you'd like to go over the Style Translated workbook, or if there are specific topics that your group would like to focus on. 

There are two common ways that Private Shopping Events take place


  • For those groups that wish to spend a portion of our time together to learn, we begin with a chat about one or two topics of interest and each person will be provided with a worksheet to take home so they can reference the notes as they need. From there, I work one on one with each individual to talk about dressing their body and lifestyle as I help them shop for pieces that they love.

  • For those groups that are looking for a fun and easy night of shopping and style, we meet in-store and I spend focused time with each of you. I help you find the pieces & styles that you can bring into your wardrobe and will want to wear every day because they are reflective of your style, function for your lifestyle, and you feel amazing in them. 

The corporate setting is ever-changing and employee attire needs to be on track.


When people understand what styles work for the body and why it works for their body, as well as what the specific brand's set of standards is, that translates into appropriate dressing for the workplace with staff feeling the freedom to express themselves in a way that represents themselves and the company's brand. 

Style workshops are completely customizable to the group's needs and pricing is based on an individual basis. Let's chat about what your Style Translated Workshop could look like. 

How to Work With Me
Styling Services


I did a wardrobe edit with Alayne and I really want to kick myself for not doing this sooner!! The effect the wardrobe edit had on me was HUGE! A weight was lifted off my shoulders, I no longer have anxiety staring at my closet and I feel like I finally found myself again.


Alayne-Joy-Styling-Web-Res (50)_edited.jpg


I love helping men & women uncover what their personal style is. No matter what season of life you find yourself in, you should have a personalized style with uncompromising function. 


When we work together, I'm committed to helping you discover and create an elevated wardrobe that is true to who you are, that helps you feel great and that works with your lifestyle.

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