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What Is a Personal Shopper

Some people love to shop, while there are others out there who hate it and would never be caught dead at the mall! For those who do not like to shop– or for those who enjoy it but simply find themselves too busy– hiring a Personal Shopper can be a great investment.

Being a Personal Shopper is so much more than going shopping all the time- there's a lot more to it than you may realize!

Alayne Joy is a Personal Shopper in Calgary Alberta. If you are interested in connecting with Alayne regarding her personal shopping services click the button below.

Read on to learn more about Personal Shoppers and what they do.

What Is a Personal Shopper?

Personal Shoppers are, essentially, an individual who does the personal shopping for their clients. It is most often apparel items that they are shopping for, but Personal Shoppers can also take on the role of shopping for other items, too– for instance, home decor pieces, gifts, etc.

Personal Shoppers generally helps their clients curate a wardrobe that is true to their style and their style goals. They do so by meeting with their clients and consulting them on what they like and what they are looking for before they begin. It is about finding that meeting point between the client's personal style, lifestyle and personality.

Responsibilities of a Personal Shopper

So, you may wonder, what are the responsibilities of a Personal Shopper exactly? Of course, there is the shopping side of things, but there is much more than that involved. Take a look below to learn a bit more about what it is exactly that a Personal Shopper does.


The life of a Personal Shopper is not just trawling the internet for cool finds or checking out a bunch of hip boutiques. It also requires a lot of trust and understanding between the shopper and the client, which means that communication is very important between the two. A Personal Shopper will have to meet with new clients, as well as communicate regularly with existing clients to provide updates and receive feedback on items.

Depending upon the client’s preference or the approach of the shopper and the scope of their personal shopping services, there might also be regular face to face meetings with pre-existing clients, too. Some clients may prefer the online shopping route, which can be approached in different ways, based on both the client's needs and the Personal Shopper's methods.

Trend Forecasting

Of course, the client is hiring a Personal Shopper in the first place because they want to look good. This means that they want to be in style and do not want their curated wardrobe to look outdated. Instead, they want to be look current, and be able to find the contemporary styles that best suit each client in their unique, personalized way.

This is where trend forecasting comes in– Personal Shoppers will need to have their finger on the pulse in order to have a good understanding of what is popular at the time and be able to offer advice and steer them in the right direction when it comes to style. They will also need the knowledge and foresight to determine what trends will be long lasting and what will be short lived, so they can make smart decisions regarding different clothing options when they are shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Personal Shoppers do?

Personal Shoppers are, as the name suggests, individuals who search for special items for their clients– usually in the fashion space. Many personal shoppers have their own business and can be former fashion designers, have worked at department stores or just really love helping people with their style.

Personal Shoppers leverage their connections in the fashion industry and their knowledge and experience to help clients. This isn't just about the latest fashion trends, but also finding what works best for each body and personality.

They may look at catalogs, go to stores in person to shop, or browse online in order to curate these items. Good Personal Stylists will know the tastes and personal style of their clients and also be able to work with your body type and will be able to shop for these items accordingly in order to help them pull together their wardrobe.

What do Personal Shoppers do on a daily basis?

On a daily basis, there are a number of things that Personal Shoppers may do. Of course, they will shop for items for their clients, but there's more to it than that!

Personal Shoppers may also have to meet or consult with their clients or with new, potential clients to get a clear understanding of what the clients' needs are and the direction they want to go. Especially with new clients, these consultations are key to learning what the client is looking for, their likes and dislikes, lifestyle, needs & wants, and style goals. Without this information, it is hard for a Personal Shopper to do a satisfactory job!

What skills do you need to be a Personal Shopper?

Like any career path, there are courses and training materials that can help prepare an individual to be a great Personal Shopper. Along with the technical training, both applicable experience and passion to work with and help people builds a strong foundation. You will also need to have a good sense of style, know how to shop methodically, have exemplary customer service skills, and know to connect with people and unearth what a client wants and needs....even when they don't tell you. It's also important to note that Personal Shoppers not only work with their clients, but they interact with the individuals that work at the shops and boutiques that they frequent as well.

What is a Personal Shopper in fashion?

In the fashion industry, the term Personal Shopper refers to someone who goes out and curates a wardrobe for their clients. They are the ones shopping for clothing and accessories that check all of the boxes for a client and educates the client on styles and details that work for them. Good personal shoppers will be able to curate a wardrobe true to their client’s aesthetic.

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