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I'm Alayne Joy

Stylist & Educator, Mother, Lover Of All Things Local, Adventure Seeker, Self Care Advocate and your biggest Cheerleader.

Through everything that I do, it is my goal to help you feel absolutely incredible.
I have experienced first-hand, and see on a daily basis with my clients, the truth & power behind "when you look good, you feel good".
There is no better feeling than stepping in front of a mirror and seeing yourself standing tall, seeing yourself authentically (which is how we all see you!), and seeing just how amazing you really are. 
(I promise you won't be able to stop a smile from creeping up!)

For as long as I can remember, personal style has captured my attention. And while I love having a career in fashion, styling and accessories, what brings me the most joy is the relationships I've developed along the way. 

Joy may be my middle name, but it is also my mandate.

Style can & should be fun, personal and best expressed with joy and intention. When we work together you can trust that I’m listening to what matters to you.



As a personal stylist, I've always paid special attention to what adds up to style. What I know for sure, is that style is deeply personal and the most lasting and fulfilling sense of style, is one crafted with thoughtful intention. 

Tapping into what your personal expression of style is has a way elevating the everyday. It is a simple thing that contributes beautifully to a joyful life.

In whichever ways we may collaborate, my goal is to help you use what you have while suggesting how to supplement where necessary.  The end goal is always, to round out a versatile collection of pieces that help you feel as lovely as you truly are.


Style is personal and it encompasses more than the things we wear- it's who we are, how we live and how we feel.


Where having your very own Personal Stylist in your pocket becomes a reality! 

With thoughtfully created courses and guides that you can do in the comfort of your own home whenever you want, this is where you can tap into Alayne Joy's methods and expertise! 
These aren't your typical fluffy style guides either. Every single one is designed to help, direct and educate you so that you can truly step into your style and feel your absolute best every single day.


I believe wholeheartedly, in supporting local & Canadian businesses. There is nothing I love more than to collaborate with local brands, boutiques, creatives and experiences. Canada is a treasure trove of quality craftsmanship, inventive businesses and creative expression. If you'd like to collaborate on a life style project, I genuinely can't wait to hear from you.


Let's create something amazing together!


Alayne Lebsack is the creative force behind Alayne Joy Styling. At the core, she loves unifying communities of women through helping them discover the scope of their personal style and enabling that inner power to shine extra bright.




I love working individuals and businesses alike. To inquire about a styling session , please contact me below. I look forward to hearing from you!

"Not able to meet in person? Contact me for details on Virtual Sessions!" 

Thanks for contacting me! I'll be in touch with you shortly.

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