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Summer Days & Getaways

Here's some Warm Weather Style Wonders

It's time - summer is right around the corner and that means more time spent outside, and it also means summer getaways!

With that comes all kinds of questions about what to wear and what to pack! Many of us find it difficult to dress for those hotter days but still look polished and put together without overheating and staying comfortable. Then comes the question of what to pack for that warm weather holiday!!


No matter what the season or the getaway destination, there are a few things that are always important when it comes to your clothes, footwear and accessories :

- Comfort & ease : if it's not comfortable and easy, it's not worth it!

- Quality : you want something that will last and wear well!

- Function : it has to function for you, otherwise it's just too much work!

- Style : it simply has to be something that you love and reflects your style!

- Versatility : one item worn with multiple outfits, this is key to having a great wardrobe, but also so important when packing for that upcoming trip!


Taking a look at one of my favorite Canadian, women-led, sustainable (B-Corp!) stores, I have selected some of my favorite items to help you check all five of these guiding points, but also carry you through year to year! (Plus, I own almost everything on this list, so I can attest to how incredible they all truly are and how they easily check every one of those boxes!)

First let's look at sandals.

I love a great sandal for spring, summer and holidays! They're cute and airy, gives the toes some space to breathe, and with the right style, you can really mix and match to create a variety of outfits with just a couple of pairs!

Looking again at the five important points (comfort, quality, function, style and versatility) here are my top 3 picks from Poppy Barley :

The Charlotte Heeled Sandal is everyday elegance. She is simple, feminine and classy and looks just as good with jeans and a t-shirt as she does with a skirt and cami as she does with a pretty dress. I love the texture of the black leather, but if you don't have a light colored heel, I definitely recommend checking out the Oatmeal or the Champagne for a fun shimmer.

The Cross Town Sandal is a ridiculously comfortable sandal that combines the current cross-over style but designed in a way that is sleek, feminine and classic. The memory foam foot bed and ankle strap ensures complete comfort for strolling the shops, chasing the kids or hopping from one event to the next...and you'll look good doing it!

Ahh...the Lindsay Heeled Sandal is so pretty, and just look at that Citrus color!! The heel is perfect for all day comfort and ensures complete versatility as well- high enough to dress it up for any occasion or event, but low enough for your casual outfits too! The style is feminine, simple & sleek, and she'll be an quick and easy favorite for sure!

Now let's take a look at some accessories!

Whether it's a belt or a great bag, accessories combine function & style and also make any outfit complete! Keeping in mind both form and function, here are my top 3 accessories from Poppy Barley.

A great belt is a wardrobe must-have! I love the Accent Belt because it's the perfect width, the buckle is simple and polished, and it's the real leather means it will last a lifetime! Personally, I have 2 of these belts and they're my go-to whenever I want to give my outfit a more complete look! This belt is currently available in 5 colors, which means there is definitely one that will be cohesive with your style and wardrobe!

When I'm looking for a purse I want to make sure it has different areas to keep me organized, is big enough to hold my phone, lip chap and a snack, but isn't so big that it will be cumbersome to carry all day. Friends, The Essentials Purse is just that - essential!! It really does check all of the 4 boxes listed above, but is also the perfect size and weight, plus the adjustable & removable strap means that it's easy to wear and easy to put with any outfit!

If you buy any backpack, make it The Backpack! This bag really does it all for work, for everyday and for travel, and when a client & friend told me she absolutely loved hers, I knew I would too - and I'm so glad that I bought it! This backpack is incredible for travel - it holds my laptop, toiletries, e-reader, travel pillow, magazine, pens, and all of our passports (I was so impressed with it, I made this video). Plus, it has a strap to slide over your suitcase handles, or you can tuck away the two backpack straps and use the other strap to wear as a crossbody or a shoulder bag. Whatever your backpack needs are, this one truly does it all (and holds your bag of chips!).

Now let's chat about clothes!

Of course there are some warm-weather essentials like shorts and a t-shirt, but let's think about the types of pieces that are timeless yet current and will give you a ton a versatility to dress up or down and feel completely comfortable and polished!

Yes, I am a Personal Stylist, but I don't believe that having more clothes gives us more options. In fact, it's the complete opposite! So here's what I like to focus on when it comes to building your wardrobe : Can you create multiple outfits with the item? Does it function for your lifestyle? Is it easy to wear? Will it last and look good for many seasons? Is it comfortable?

Let me introduce you to Poppy Barley's new knitwear collection for spring and summer 2024 - The Hamptons Tank and Skirt. These two pieces are incredible, and when I tried them on my expectations were blown out of the water! The texture is unique and soft, you get incredible coverage (aka- I was wearing full-back underwear and a normal bra, neither of which could you see! Let me tell you, when women design clothes for women, it makes a huge difference!!), and there are so many options to wear the pieces together (same color skirt and top, or mix and match the colors!), or wear them as separates!

Both the Hamptons Tank and the Hamptons Skirt is an easy "Yes!" in my books! I had so much fun putting both together with different items in my wardrobe to test out just how versatile they truly are! You can check out the video (link is below) to see what I put together and to get some inspiration on what you can do with what you have too!


To create a wardrobe that just works, that makes getting dressed so easy, and one that will stand the test of time both for these warm summer days and those hot weather getaways, let's look again at the five guiding points :






Using these as your guide for what to keep in your closet, what to buy, and what to's like making a pact with yourself that you will make it all work - because your wardrobe needs to work for you, you don't work for your wardrobe!

To see more great sandal and bag options, as well as different ways that I mixed and matched the knitwear with items in my closet, check out this video.


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