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I am on a mission to help you redefine your relationship with your style and your wardrobe, and by extension, with yourself.

What if I told you that style is completely personal? That style is both a tool and choice? That it's accessible and achievable to everyone?  

Welcome to the Alayne Joy online course series that focuses on you and your style.

With these online style and fashion courses you have access to my styling methods at any time, wherever you are.


You have what everyone wants - a Personal Stylist In Your Pocket, ready to help you in whatever way you need!


How Does it Work?

These online style courses offer everyone the opportunity to elevate their style and to take it to a place that truly reflects the best version of themselves.


Whether you are just starting out your style journey, or you feel like you don't know how to move forward, or you're looking for tips and tricks from a Personal Stylist on how to dress your body, Edit your wardrobe, or fine-tune your style game, I've got you covered! 

As I design each course, I do so with you in mind and ensure that I accommodate different learning styles and personalities. Combining video and written content, I utilize these methods to guarantee that they're effective, engaging & thorough, but to also simplify the process for you...and of course, I make each course fun, because if it's not fun it's not worth it! 

My online style courses are full of applicable, functional and usable steps designed to meet you right where you are. Applying my years of experience as a Personal Stylist and training in the fashion industry, combined with the countless in-person sessions that I have done with clients, I have implemented the strategies you need and broken them down into learnable steps to help you every step of the way. 

Join me in these courses and I invite you to include me in your style journey! I also encourage you to check back here often as I continue to add integral style courses and guidebooks to help you hone in on your personal style and create a wardrobe that you love! 


I'm Alayne Joy - Your Personal Stylist

I get it - "style" isn't always easy, but it is always worth it! Having gone through some of the highs and lows that life throws at you, one thing that has remained consistent is the well-known fact that "when you look good, you feel good." Whether it's been dealing with post-partum depression, the busyness of having two boys, sickness...all of those speedbumps or excuses, when I have been intentional about putting in the time and effort to look good, it immediately effects the way I think and the way I feel. I have experienced, and continue to experience the truth that when we see ourselves looking better, we begin to think of ourselves better, and we begin to believe in ourselves better. From seeing to thinking to believing. It is all connected. 

Combining my natural love for fashion and exploring style with my years of training & experience in the industry, I have built an incredible, transformative business focused on helping people see themselves in a new, positive and powerful light. 

I am about teaching you not just what to do, but also helping you understand how to do it and why it works, and I weave this through both my in-person client sessions and my online style courses.

How to Work With Me
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Have you ever opened your closet, stared at your sea of clothes, and thought, "I have nothing to wear"?

Do you find yourself stressed out or overwhelmed every morning as you decide what to wear? Wasting precious time every day agonizing over your outfits? Spending hundreds on clothes, only to find that you continue to grab your same-old things you always wear?

If you've felt this way about your closet…you’re in good company, and there is an easy & effective way to do better!

Introducing the Wardrobe Edit Method, a 12-Part Course create the Wardrobe of your dreams...with what you already own!

Click the link below for more information on the transformative course and change how your approach every single day!


I did a wardrobe edit with Alayne and I really want to kick myself for not doing this sooner!! The effect the wardrobe edit had on me was HUGE! A weight was lifted off my shoulders, I no longer have anxiety staring at my closet and I feel like I finally found myself again.


Styling Services
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