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How to ensure you have a complete wardrobe that you love!

Do you ever feel like your wardrobe is complete chaos? Or maybe you can't find what you're looking for, or sometimes you find something you'd completely forgotten about? 

The Wardrobe Edit Overhaul is the session where we look at every single area of your wardrobe and every facet of your style - clothing, footwear, outwear, accessories, activewear, pajamas...there is no area that is left behind.

Breaking it into three different sessions, together we look at every single item to determine what should stay, what should be tucked away, and what can go.


The Wardrobe Edit Overhaul will leave you with a closet that is organized, clothing that you know how to wear, and styles that you love. 

There is so much more involved in this in-depth styling session. Read below for more details. 

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How Does it Work?

Life is busy, and oftentimes our wardrobe is one of the last areas that gets regular attention and upkeep, resulting in an area that can feel chaotic, disorganized and/or disjointed. This then affects our mood and mental health, it sucks time and energy out of our day as we try to search through the chaos to find something to wear, and can be a place that causes stress, frustration or disappointment. 

But what if I told you that there's a better way. That your wardrobe can and should be an area that you are excited about, a place that brings ease and makes you feel confident and excited to get dressed every single day?

Over the course of multiple sessions, we will tackle many different areas of your wardrobe and different topics of style including :

- How to effectively organize your closet so that you know exactly where everything is and be able to quickly and easily find what you want, when you want it.

- We will Edit through every category in your closet, including clothing, accessories, footwear, outerwear, pajamas, activewear...nothing goes untouched.

- You will learn how to end the same-old outfit cycle by discussing different ways to wear your most-loved items. 

- We'll talk about how to utilize those pieces that you love but don't know how to wear and cause a bit of confusion.

- You'll learn how to properly care for your items so that you are always looking top-notch, no matter what you have on. 

- We will ensure that your clothes fit you perfectly and properly. If necessary, we will get any items ready to be altered by pinning anything that needs to be shortened or brought it for a fit that is tailored to you.

- Learn styling tips and tricks to make your clothes work perfectly for you every single time.

To ensure you don't get overwhelmed, Wardrobe Edit Overhaul Sessions are typically booked for 3 sessions lasting 2-3 hours each. Full day sessions are also an option.  $697

How to Work With Me
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I did a wardrobe edit with Alayne and I really want to kick myself for not doing this sooner!! The effect the wardrobe edit had on me was HUGE! A weight was lifted off my shoulders, I no longer have anxiety staring at my closet and I feel like I finally found myself again.


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Time for a
Wardrobe Overhaul

Your personal style and having a wardrobe that you are excited about starts here, with the Wardrobe Edit Overhaul. This is where we build that strong foundation that everything else can depend on. Looking at every corner of your closet and every facet of your style, you come out with a wardrobe that is completely functional for your lifestyle, wholly relatable to who you are and what you feel your best in, and perfectly tailored to you and your needs. 

Once you have that solid foundation you will find that choosing your outfit everyday is no longer a burden or a source of stress or disappointment, but it's now quick, easy and enjoyable. 

This is not only possible, but it's achievable and effective.

Why do the Wardrobe Overhaul?

The benefits of doing a Wardrobe Edit Overhaul are seen & felt immediately, but the effects are long lasting as well! If you want to be fully intentional about honing in on your personal style, truly learning how to cultivate that style and implement into your daily routine, and how to manage it in a way that is simple and effective, you have come to the right place. Here is what we do in your Wardrobe Edit Overhaul sessions : 1. Organization: The first step to creating a wardrobe that works for you is with proper organization. I teach you my tried and true organizational methods that includes categorization and sub-catagorization. It may sound complex, but it is quick and easy to implement and to maintain. 3. The Edit : Together we go through every item in your closet to determine which ones suit your style goals and which ones do not. Keeping the end-goal in mind, we can make the decisions about which clothing items are on your A-List and which ones need to be looked at further, or which ones simply do not serve you. This step reduces the stress, the complexities and the noise that comes every time you open your closet doors and allows you and your clothes space to breathe. 3. Maximizing outfit options: The Wardrobe Edit Overhaul allows you to assess your existing clothing and identify versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a wide range of outfits. By eliminating items that don't work well with other pieces or that no longer fit, you can focus on building a wardrobe of cohesive and versatile options, maximizing the number of outfit combinations available to you. 4. Defining personal style: A Wardrobe Edit Overhaul provides an opportunity for individuals to refine and define their personal style. By evaluating their existing clothing, they can determine what truly reflects their preferences and aligns with their desired image. Removing items that no longer fit their style allows them to curate a wardrobe that truly represents who they are and how they want to present themselves. 5. Intentional Decision Making : Your clothes come with stories and with a history. Some you can't let go of, some bring confusion ("How do I wear this?"), some have emotions attached...and the list goes on. So how do you determine what needs to be done with all of these clothing items and wardrobe staples? You will learn how to make those choices in a way that brings ease, comfort and confidence. 6. Streamlining decision-making: A streamlined wardrobe makes it easier to get dressed each day. With fewer choices and a more curated collection of clothing, individuals can make quicker and more confident decisions about what to wear. This saves time and reduces decision fatigue, allowing individuals to start their day with less stress and more efficiency. 6. From forgotten to favorite : Through the Wardrobe Edit Overhaul we will discover long-forgotten items - those that were pushed aside or to the back of the drawer. Looking at fit, style, conditional and your goals, you will learn how to utilize that item and bring it into the spotlight and allow it to become a new wardrobe staple. 7. Overlooked and Underappreciated : During the Wardrobed Edit Overhaul you will learn the secrets to recognizing the potential in every item of clothing, shoes and accessories. There are techniques to elevate items that you may have previously dismissed, and you'll see the value in every garment and never overlook an outfit opportunity. 8. Closet Clarity : If you want to achieve a healthy, happy closet that creates clarity around getting dressed and knowing how to wear your clothes in a way that is tailored to you, the Wardrobe Edit Overhaul is where you will achieve that. 9. From Plain to Polished : When it comes to accessories, there's often a lot of confusion or overwhelm. "Am I doing it right?" "What is this for?" "Do I need this?"...etc. You will learn how to use accessories in a way that is effective for you, and what is needed to polish off and elevate any outfit. A Wardrobe Edit Overhaul leaves you with a clearly defined style and the knowledge base of what works and why it works. You will learn how to create a wardrobe that is functional and exciting, and remove the chaos and stress that comes with getting dressed. Instead it will bring easy, simplicity and joy to your everyday routine, and save you countless minutes that have otherwise been wasted agonizing over what to wear.

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