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Styling for Photoshoots

Photoshoot Styling and Fashion that reflect your unique style and personality.

Photo shoots are a great way to capture memories, to tell a story, and show who you are. Whether you are planning a branding shoot for your website or social media, family photos to showcase on your wall, an engagement shoot for your wedding invitations...or anything in between, selecting the right wardrobe is key. You want to not only look and feel your best, but it's true when they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Photos tell a story, and your style is a major component of that. The Perfect Photo Style can be achieved in this styling session when we select a number of different outfits that work with your location and that are truly reflective of who you are. Before your session we'll chat about your shoot, what the photos will be used for, and what your style is, so that you can go into your photo shoot feeling confident.


How Does it Work?

Whether for editorial print, your website, upcoming wedding invitations, Christmas cards, or to frame for your wall, there's a lot to think about when it comes to styling for your upcoming photo shoot. 


You need to consider not only what shapes, styles, details and colours that look amazing on you, but also what photographs well.


You want to think about the message you want to convey through the image, what emotion you want people to feel when they look at the image, and what story are you wanting to tell. 

Alayne Joy has been a part of over 50 photo shoots for print, web, branding, couples and families. Experienced in selecting full wardrobes and consulting on hair and makeup, you will feel confident that you will be able to put your best foot forward with a look that completely you and conveys exactly what you are looking for. 


Styling for Photo Shoots with Alayne Joy includes full head-to-toe wardrobe consultation and selection including clothing, accessories and footwear. This can be accomplished either with a client's existing wardrobe or in-store. 

Having worked on 50+ commercial photoshoots for a variety of industries, trusting Alayne with the wardrobe styling alleviates much of the stress that comes with the planning. Working within your vision and inspiration, Alayne will do the pre-selections and on-set styling for wardrobe, and liaison with the hair and makeup artists to ensure a seamless look that is cohesive to the story and brand.

Photoshoot Styling Sessions are $190 for one person. Please contact me for details if there will be additional people. 

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How to Work With Me
Styling Services


I did a wardrobe edit with Alayne and I really want to kick myself for not doing this sooner!! The effect the wardrobe edit had on me was HUGE! A weight was lifted off my shoulders, I no longer have anxiety staring at my closet and I feel like I finally found myself again.


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Perfect Photo Style

Knowing what looks good on you, why it looks good, and what you love is key to knowing what your personal style is. No matter what season of life you're in, you can & should enjoy personalized fashion with uncompromising function for your lifestyle.

 When we work together, I'm committed to helping you discover and create an elevated wardrobe that is true to who you are, that helps you feel great and that works with your lifestyle. 

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