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What is a Personal Stylist?

Once reserved for just the rich and famous, the work of Personal Stylists and Personal Shoppers is so much more than making you look good. A personal styling session from a personal stylist can help you take your style to the next level.

What Happens When you Work with a Personal Stylist?

The after-effects of working with a Personal Stylist is multi-faceted. Personal styling services go deeper than just clothing, and there are incredible personal stylists out there that make their services accessible to everyone- not just the wealthy.

Most commonly we find that people are stuck, meaning they have been wearing the same types of clothes and style for a while, their style preferences haven't evolved. People often live in one of two camps, either they don't know this is happening, or they do know and just need someone to help them get out of it.

What is the First Step when Working with a Personal Stylist?

The first step to working with a Personal Stylist or a Personal Shopper is to find one that you can connect with. There are just as many stylists are there are styles of jeans, and you want to find that perfect fit...otherwise the whole experience will just be uncomfortable.

Make sure to check out their website and social media pages to get a feel for who they are as individuals, what services they offer, what their values are, and what their message is. If who they are and what they say doesn't speak to you, you can find a Stylist that does- one that inspires you, and one that you are comfortable with.

Styling appointments often mean you get up-close and personal, so it's important that you feel at ease!

Work with Alayne Joy

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So, what does a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper do anyways?

Uncovers Your Style

The first thing any Stylist should do is uncover what your personal style is.

It's important that they, and you, know who you are so that they can help create a wardrobe that speaks to you. Even if you're unsure of what your style is, a great Personal Stylist will have great communication skills, the tools, training and acumen to be able to hone in on what your unique style is and then relay that on to you so that you have a solid understanding of what you love and feel great in and why.

It's important to remember that a successful session with a Stylist is one where you feel inspired and in love with your clothes. If you're not connected with your clothes, you won't feel great when you wear them.

Getting lured in, distracted by, or convinced of things that aren't your style will only result in a wardrobe that you don't wear, and that should never be the goal! A Stylist's goal should be to help you curate a wardrobe that you love and that you love to wear no matter what the day, event, or season you're in.

Good personal stylists will also be a wardrobe stylists, meaning they will help you with your entire wardrobe. They can perform personal shopping, online research, personal styling beyond just clothes, give you a detailed style portfolio and of course provide advice.

Connecting The Dots

The biggest struggle is when you have a closet full of clothes that you don't wear. This can be a result of life changes, body changes, years gone by without shopping (inevitably as time goes on our style changes), career changes...or all of the above.

When there is a disconnect between your style and your lifestyle, you're left with clothes that you don't wear. Did your body type change? Did your career path change? Do your style choices need updating? Or do you just need an entire wardrobe overhaul?

A great Stylist will help you connect the dots to ensure that you have a versatile and functional wardrobe that works for all the things in your life.

Teaches You

One of the most important roles of a Personal Stylist is to teach you how to dress in a way that showcases your assets and distracts from those areas you may not love as much. When you are shown what specific styles, cuts, details and accents work for you, and you understand why, this will give you clear direction on how to put together outfits that you love.

No more putting something on and feeling like it just doesn't look or feel right. After working with a Stylist you'll know what looks amazing on you, and you'll know how to shop and find pieces that are made for you!

The Perfect Match

Depending on the types of services that a Personal Stylist or Personal Shopper provides, it is common that they would select pieces of clothing and accessories that are perfect for you! Knowing what a client's style is, their lifestyle, their body, their comfort level, what's important to them, and their sizing, a Personal Stylist will know what stores will have the right pieces for you, and what specific pieces will put a smile on your face.

Depending on the personal stylist, they may also purposely select items to push you slightly outside of your comfort zone (while still keeping to your personal style and values), or a personal stylist may even select styles that don't work for you so that you can truly see the difference between the perfect fits and the not-so-perfect fit.

Working with a Personal Stylist will truly benefit you in so many ways!

From helping you hone in on what your personal style is, what works for your body, how to ensure you have a wardrobe that is functional and versatile for your lifestyle, teaching you how to shop and put together incredible outfits, and also doing the leg-work for you and selecting the perfect pieces for the end you will have so much more than just great clothes, you'll have a whole new outlook on fashion and your body, and how to make the two work together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Stylists :

What's the difference between a Personal Stylist and a Personal Shopper?

There are many different titles and forms of Stylists and technically there is a difference. Keep in mind that some use these titles interchangeably based on what they think sounds better, so it's important to consider what you need and if that individual provides the right service for those needs.

Personal Stylists are able to advise, educate and shop for clients on fashion and accessories that work for their individual needs. Personal Stylists have a sound understanding of what each client is looking for and are able to source these items for them.

Personal Shoppers make suggestions, give advice and find specific items for a client. Some shops employ Personal Shoppers that find items in-store, whereas self-employed Personal Shoppers can select from any number of shops or online boutiques.

Wardrobe Stylist is the title given to an individual in the fashion industry that selects the wardrobes for celebrities or models for magazines, television, public engagements, advertising, etc. Celebrity stylists and personal stylists really are the same, they are working to get the best fashion advice and products for their clients.

Image Consultants work with clients to get all aspects of their life (fashion, behaviour, health & fitness, communication skills, etc) in alignment to reach their goals.

Is it worth getting a Personal Stylist?

Worth and Cost and does not go hand in hand, but cost is often one of the first questions asked when it comes to hiring a Personal Stylist. If a Stylist doesn't list their pricing on their website, it's best to ask ahead of booking with them to avoid any "sticker shock" when the invoice comes through.

That being said, the worth of working with a Personal Stylist is priceless. When it comes to your confidence and the way you view yourself, your Stylist will help you see yourself, and your body, in a whole new way. Taking all the questions and frustrations away from your everyday routine, a Stylist gives you the tools to easily get dressed every morning, look in the mirror, and feel amazing.

What does a Personal Stylist do?

From selecting specific pieces of clothes and accessories that are perfect for your body, personal style and lifestyle, to teaching you how to easily dress your body in a way that makes you feel confident and powerful, to helping you create a wardrobe that is both fashionable and functional for you- the work of a Personal Stylist has many layers that benefits you in so many ways.

Why you should hire a Personal Shopper?

A great Personal Shopper can help so many men and women bring fresh life into their closet and confidence into their everyday life.

  • If you're feeling uninspired and bored by your clothes;

  • you look at your closet and think "I have nothing to wear" and just put on the same things;

  • f you find shopping to be daunting, frustrating or unappealing;

  • you have no idea what to wear for the workplace, your everyday life, or that upcoming event;

  • or if fashion and putting together different outfits leaves you more questions than answers... a Personal Shopper, or Personal Stylist, can definitely help!

A personal stylist job description is literally to help you adjust from feeling tired of your wardrobe to inspired by your wardrobe, and now you can't wait to show off your outfits. Keeping your clothes up to date can be tough for anyone, but a personal stylist can really give you the confidence you need to try new things and be excited about your fashion.

Why is a Personal Stylist important?

Everyone should work with Personal Stylist so that they can learn what their unique personal style is, what shapes, styles and details are perfectly suited for their body, style and lifestyle, how to put together outfits, and the why behind it all. When you know what works for you, what you love, and why, then you will have everything you need to know to move forward towards an elevated and polished style that is 100% you. There is so much truth behind the saying "when you look good, you feel good" and I like to add on to that with "When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can accomplish anything!"

What is the Difference Between a Fashion Stylist and a Personal Stylist?

A fashion stylist and a personal stylist differ in a few key ways. A fashion stylist will typically focus in on just your fashion style and your specific fashion needs. This may just be for an event or a season.

A personal stylist will go beyond this to give you a more comprehensive outlook, not just on your fashion but on your whole personal style. This can include things like accessories, hair and make-up and a wardrobe makeover.

Personal stylist responsibilities can range depending on the needs of the client, but typically a personal stylist will also be a image consultant, meaning they will help you transition from an old look to a new look. Personal stylist work on all the aspects of your style, and in comparison with other professionals their styles work to make you a complete new you.

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