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Wide Leg Pants And The Shoes To Wear With Them

Move over skinnies, there's a new kid in town and she's becoming a quick favorite! Wide leg pants have been around for years (were they ever really "out"?) but the momentum has picked up in a big way this season! One thing I love about the current trend is that there is variety, it's not all the 90's wide leg grunge look (which is available), but you can opt for a more straight leg, mid-width or an ultra-wide width if you choose. There truly is something for every style!

Woman wearing blue jean wide leg pants with leopard shoes

The top style question I have been asked in the last couple of months is "What shoes do I wear with wide leg pants?"

Sandals were always an easy option, but with the warmer weather behind us, many of us are feeling a little lost when trying to figure out the best footwear to pair with those wide leg pants!

I've seen a lot of combat style, or Doc Marten style boots in the Influencer world...and that is great if you want a more edgy look. But what options are there if you prefer a more feminine, streamlined style?

I've scoured the shops and tried on many different styles of footwear with all of my wider leg pant styles and have found some incredible options that are feminine, streamlined, flattering, and great for everyday. Whether you love a cropped or a full length, and a straight to a wide width, I have found your next perfect pair!

Note : This post is truly meant to give you ideas and inspiration for your favorite pair of shoes to wear with your wide leg pants. But to make things easy, if you see a style that you love, I have linked each photo to the direct shop. Most of the footwear below is from local Calgary boutiques, but some are from larger stores as well. (None of these links are Affiliate/Ambassador links. I simply love the styles and shops that they're from, and know that each of these styles of shoes look amazing with wide leg pants!)

*Any outfit inspiration photos were found on Pinterest and link back to the board with the image source

Great lengths

Before we begin chatting about footwear, it's important to first talk about the length of your pants!

Cropped Length : No matter what style of pant you wear, if you like a cropped length, the perfect spot to hem or cut at is right above the ankle bone. This versatile crop length allows you to wear anything from flats, to booties, to heels. It's flattering and versatile, and won't get wet from rain or snow.

Full Length : When it comes to wide leg full length pants, where you hem is extremely important. You don't want them to be too long so that they wrinkle at the bottom or drag on the ground. But you also don't want them too short that they look like your seamstress got a little scissor happy. Consider the shoes you'll wear, then think nice straight lines that flow- this will create a beautiful silhouette and make your legs look delightfully long.

Tips :

For an outfit that is polished, classic and feminine, there are two things to keep in mind when shoe shopping for your wide leg pants:

1. Look for a narrow or pointed toe- this creates a sleek line that balances the wider leg pant.

2. Look for a slimmer-fitting shoe. A slimmer shoe with wide leg pants ensures that you aren't adding too much bulk to an already wide pant.

Now that we have a solid foundation, we can move on to the fun stuff and help you narrow down what style of footwear you want to complete your look!

Shake your bootie

Three different women wearing dark wide leg pant outfits

There are so many different styles of booties available, it can be tough to know which ones will work best! I have narrowed down the top booties for wide leg pants, but the best part- these will look great with everything!!

Starting out with my favorite (and the pair that I ultimately bought for myself)- these Victorian Boots from Canadian company, Poppy Barley. These are a comfortable slim-fitting boot that hit above the ankle, and the slightly pointed toe creates a beautiful line.

This style of boot looks incredible with a cropped length or a full length (as long as they're long enough to "float" above the ground).

Tip : Any time you can add a bit of height with a heel, you are lending to that longer-leg look...and who doesn't love that?

If you want a more classic bootie style, here are some wonderful options that you'll love!

Sneakin around

three women's outfits sneakers with wide leg pants

Hightop sneakers are a great option that look good with either crop or full lengths, and keep those ankles warm in cold weather! I love how they add a more laid-back, casual, cool look that will be comfortable all day long.

A flat sneaker is always a good option- they look great and feel great, and work all year round! Just remember to look for a slim style and a narrower toe bed...but really, most things should work here. Anything from basic Converse Chucks, a classic white sneaker, to a more fun and colourful look!

3 different women's wide leg outfits with a flat shoe

Flat Out and Slide In

3 women's outfits with flat shoes and wide jeans

For those days that you want a more polished look but don't want to wear a bootie, there are some really nice options for flats or slides. You can go for a more loafer style which lends a bit of a masculine flair (but keep it slim and sleek to maintain a feminine look), a great slide is easy to put on and looks great with everything, or a nice flat will keep you going for years!

Dress it up

dressy outfits with wide-leg pants and jeans

Dressing up any wider leg pant is such a classic look that is comfortable and easy, no matter what the occasion! A nice heel, strappy sandal, worn with anything from a pretty cami to a fun sequin blazer... you have got all the styling options when it comes to wide leg pants!

When looking for which style of shoes look best with wide leg pants, remember the top tips for a polished, feminine, and classic style : slim-fitting shoe with a slim, or pointed, toe bed.

With these tips in mind, you're going to nail it!

For full wide leg pants outfit ideas and inspiration, check out my Wide Leg Pants Outfit Pinterest board. Here you'll find ideas for casual, work and more dressed-up looks as well!

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