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Fall 2021 - Fashion Trends

Change is in the air, both with a slight chill and with the new fall fashion trends for 2021! There are always going to be the great cozy classics like a warm cardigan, and of course the shacket is back (with some updates!), but there are definitely some new things on the horizon for fall fashion.

5 fall looking warmer outfits

There is a major turn to all things comfort! After many months of living in sweatpants, rompers or pajamas, people don't want to give up their comfort-factor, but want to look polished & presentable, with an element of feminine & pretty. I'm definitely seeing this combination of interests in the upcoming collections, and the mix is perfect for everyday wearability!

To give us a little insider sneak-peek at what's coming, I turned to some of my Canadian retail-professional friends to let us know what's in store for the upcoming fall 2021 collections!


There is no question that there are "fall colours" and "summer colours", but don't let the outside temperature dictate the colours you wear- wear what makes you happy! This coming fall season we are seeing all the colours and all the tones in those warm cozy fabrics that we love!

Neutrals are a wonderful classic! Polished, versatile and timeless, and there is a neutral for every skin tone and every occasion! From light beige, to a rich caramel brown, deep brick, olive greens, and mix in a little navy- these fall neutrals will go with everything!

(And it goes without saying that there is also a lot of black, greys and white out there too!)

warm colour pallet

Darker, more saturated tones are making an appearance as well. Think beautiful, deep jewel tones like purples, pinks and turquoise. Whitney from Crabapple clothing also notes that she's seeing a lot of wine, navy and greens in the mix too!

jewel tone colour pallet

There are also some unexpected, but welcome, (bright) visitors: Lavender, a soft blue-purple that you can wear with black, greys, blues, neutrals, is making a strong appearance, and it's a lovely, unexpected colour that looks great on everyone!

Also making showing up is bright fuchsia, light denim blue and dusty pinks.

bright colour pallet


Animal print lovers rejoice- I'm still seeing all things animal print making a statement! From leopard to zebra to snake, from t-shirts to faux-fur coats, it remains a classic look that acts as a neutral (aka- goes with everything!) and it isn't going anywhere!

Prints remain fairly similar (to years past) with no sign of animal prints losing popularity. - Whitney, Crabapple Clothing

A little of this and a little of that, unique and fun patterns are definitely easy to find! Plaids remain a fall classic, florals are taking on a more wintery vibe with darker colours, and the more aztec/western prints are popular as well!

As far as prints go, romantic florals in earthy neutrals are catching my eye, as well as plaids, and Southwestern blanket prints. - Jenny Pettitt, Jenny Joans

Like it or hate it, the top trend from spring & summer is coming into fall- tie dye! Taking on some darker hues and heavier fabrics, tie dye isn't on its way out quite yet!

Pretty Details

Everywhere you look there is a lot of pretty, feminine details: a pretty sleeve or neckline, or shape-flattering seams and pin tucks combined with a looser, easy to wear silhouette. Christi Hunniford from Hunni's Boutique commented on how they're loving all of the pretty dress options available and how women are turning to dresses more and more.

There is a western/prairie influence with some feminine details this fall. Examples of this include smocking, pin-tucking, bibbing, fringe, sleeve details, ruffled mock necks, and pretty shoulder details. - Whitney, Crabapple

women with black high neck outfit

The Shacket!

Ahhh the shacket! Thanks to the big, cozy and warm feel of the shacket, many of us fell in love with this trend last year and it's here to stay! While the original style was popular in the 90's, the modern shacket is more streamlined and polished. Plus it now comes in a wide array of colours, materials and weights to suit anyone's style!

Tip : Typically an oversized look, try sizing down if you want a more tailored fit.

The Shacket will be a continued big trend in different fabrics like corduroy! - Christi Hunniford, Hunni's Boutique

Sweater Vests

This would not be a fall 2021 fashion trends post without bringing up the return of the sweater vest! Whether you're shopping in stores or online, sweater vests are everywhere, and I am loving it!

Here's what the pro's are saying about the trend:

"(We have) sweater-vests in all sorts of variations for amazing layering options coming in— cropped, oversized, deep v, wide shoulders, crew-necked — perfect to elevate your denim, or tailored trousers."

- Jenny, Jenny Joans

"I saw this in every single brand that I bought for Fall 21 and every version imaginable. From short to long, fitted to oversized, cotton to wool, and everything in between." - Whitney, Crabapple Clothing

Wide and Long

We've been hearing it for a long time now, but here it is again- move over skinny jeans, wide legs are moving in! Whether you go for uber-wide, a nice medium width, or a straight, there's a new appreciation for the comfort that a wider-leg pant brings. Of course skinnies aren't going anywhere (phew) but the options are definitely widening (pun intended)...and isn't that what fashion is all about- options?!!

Wide leg pants are still going strong...and are a fall essential! - Christi, Hunni's Boutique

On that note, the lengths of both tops and bottoms are getting longer. Crop tops can also move aside to make way for longer tops, and that includes the return of the tunic! Pant inseams are also lengthening, creating a beautiful long & long silhouette!

Women with a beige tunic

Graphic Tees

Christi from Hunni's Boutique says : "Graphic tees are still definitely going strong!" I've also been seeing this graphic tee trend continue, but I've noticed a slight shift. While the vintage band tees are still popular, there is a shift to styles with more of a hand-drawn or artistic design. For example, I'm seeing cool tigers, pretty hand-drawn butterflies, and beautiful painted or drawn landscapes.

Tip : Pair this casual style tee with a nice dress pant, or with denim and a blazer. Tuck the tee, add a belt, and wear a heel or bootie, and you have a look that is cool, polished and put-together!


Our Favorite Fall Styles

I asked each of the Pro's what their favorite fall 2021 styles were, and here's what they said:

Whitney Titheridge, Crabapple Clothing : I am personally LOVING the subtle and feminine ruffle necks and enhanced shoulder details. Being a person with a strong shoulder, I have often stayed clear of anything that could make me appear more broad. BUT, since I am a lover of a higher rise wide leg pant, I really like how this trend gives the appearance of curves that I don’t particularly have. I also tend to gravitate towards solids and darker colours, so it is a nice way to add some interest and style to a basic outfit.

Jenny Pettitt, Jenny Joans : I’m really into the oversized blazer silhouette right now—pairing a menswear inspired suit-jacket with a pair of tailored trousers, Dad jeans, or even a bike short.

Christi Hunniford, Hunni's Boutique : We are excited for wide leg pants and shackets! This will be our fall essentials layered up with a cute graphic tee!

My personal favorite fall trend is the sweater vest. It brings back memories of my style in jr high which was all about Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger prep: cable knit sweaters, collared shirts, and of course, the sweater vest!! A preppy, tailored style is definitely my I just need to find that perfect vest! (I also have to say that wide leg pants are definitely a go-to for me and I'm thrilled that they're becoming more mainstream!)

With comfort at its core, fall 2021 fashion has limitless options for everyone's style! Whether you want pretty prairie, preppy & polished, or modern (clean) grunge...or a combination of everything, you can find it!

What fall fashion trends are you going to try?


I have to say thank you so much to each of my industry professional friends that helped with this Fall 2021 Fashion Sneak Peek post! If you don't know, boutique owners & buyers select what they want to have in-store up to 12 months ahead of time. This means that they have a finger on upcoming trends a year before they come ou- so there isn't anyone better to reach out to than them!

Each of the images included in this post are from the boutiques listed below and each are linked to the shop. Keep in mind that at the time of writing, boutiques are just starting to receive their fall inventory, so be sure to check back in-store or online often!

Crabapple Clothing is located in Calgary, Alberta and offers clothing, footwear, and accessories, consciously selected for humans by humans.

Hunni's main shop is located in Langley, BC and is run by local twin sisters. Hunni's is a shop local supporter carrying over 20 local jewelry and houseware vendors.

Jenny Joans is based in Estevan, Saskatchewan and provides women with everyday pieces with a cool, modern flair.



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