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Top Spring Summer Styles

Spring Summer 2021 brings more than just renewed hope, warm sun and green grass, it comes with some new, gorgeous and wearable fashion!

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Every season there is a flurry of new fashion trends and styles- some are a little out there (ie. bird feathers and extreme shoulder pads rocked the runways this season), but some are beautiful, versatile and new here-to-stay classics, and I am here for it!

This season, Designers have taken a turn to the softer, more feminine aesthetic. I think we're all sick and tired of bulky, shapeless hoodies and sweats, and we are ready to put on something a little nicer without sacrificing comfort!

Clothing designer Tracy Reese said this about her latest pieces : "This collection was inspired by simple joy and the longing to look and feel pretty again."

In my mind, this sums up the new Spring Summer styles perfectly- there's no more excuses, it's time to put in the effort, show up with intention, and just feel pretty again! (And thankfully, I'm outlining just the styles to help you do that!)

bright flowers

Here are my favorite Spring Summer fashion trends and styles, styling tips, and hand-picked examples in each category (along with links to each item in case you want more details!). These top style categories were selected because each can easily be worn by the everyday woman in her everyday life, and they're a style that will last longer than a couple of months.

Coming Up Roses

Floral lovers rejoice, this season is all about the pretty flower prints and patterns! One thing I particularly love about the "new floral" is that there is an option for everyone! Typically floral prints are very feminine and pretty, and while that is still very prevalent, I love how now there are more abstract prints and darker tones, making it easy to incorporate this fun pattern into any wardrobe! Whether your style is delicate & girly, or more laid-back & cool, there is a new floral for you!

Style tip : To make a floral soft and pretty, pair with white pants, coats or accessories. If you want a cool vibe (or to bring it into the cooler months), wear it with black, dark grey, and even a touch of leather!

All The Brights

There is no question that the colours we wear have an effect on our mood, and let me tell you, the fun-loving, cheerful brights have arrived! From sunny yellows, to brilliant blues, dazzling fluorescents, and wisteria purples, this season has got them all. So go ahead, put on one of these luminous hues and see if it doesn't put a little pep in your step!

Style tip : You can go for an all-out bright outfit, or simply add in some fun bright accents here and there- however you wear it, it's going to make you shine!

You don't want to walk Past(el) this

In contrast to the season's brights, pastels are here in a big way! The pastels of 2021 have changed ever so slightly- they've gone from the old "Easter" themed pastels, to more muted, ashy tones. I'm personally loving the soft sage greens and blues, light dusty pinks, and subtle peach. I especially love how these updated pastel colours look amazing on every skin tone and don't give an overly pretty or young vibe.

Style tip : Stick with one or two pastel colours in an outfit and pair with neutral tones to create a look that is cohesive and fashion-forward.

All Puffed Up

Big or small, the puff sleeve is cute, fun and flirty! Basic t-shirts have an updated flair, lightweight sweaters are given a new focus, and dresses have added charm with this new, puffy addition! The puff sleeve is feminine and playful, and easily brings a fresh vibe to any outfit!

Style tip : If you want to bring attention to your shoulders and chest, look for a top with a puffy shoulder detail. If you want to distract away from your shoulders and chest, instead look for a top that has more volume in the sleeve.

Wide Open Spaces

No matter what you size, shape, or age, you simply cannot go wrong with a wide leg pant! This style has been edging its way back for a few seasons, but now it's taking center stage and wowing all the critics! When you combine extreme comfort (so much room to move!!), which chic styling, and the incredible slimming effect it gives- this style gets two thumbs up!

Style tip : When wearing a wide leg pant, be sure to keep your top on the slimmer side. If you have a voluminous pant, and a voluminous top, you're going to look...voluminous, and quite possibly a little unkempt. Instead, wear with a slimmer-fitting (doesn't have to be tight) top, and tuck it in- this will define your waist and elongate your legs!

White Out

This is my favorite- white! Nothing beats a crisp white shirt, or a cool white tee and jeans outfit. White is crisp, fresh and oh-so-airy! This timeless colour is bigger this season than ever before, and whether you go full head-to-toe or just incorporate white accents into your outfit, you're going to love how it pops!

Style tip : For years it's been said the white is only for a season...but who follows rules anyways?! Wear those white sneakers all year round (go for white leather and not canvas- much easier to clean), those white jeans in fall and winter? You bet! And you can't beat a crisp white collared shirt, no matter what you wear it with!

Those are my top six style trends for Spring & Summer 2021! I'd love to know which ones you're most excited about wearing- find me on Instagram



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